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Currently on tap

Birch Wit

The first beer Jacob ever made, designed to be a Texas original. Inspired by fields of golden sunflowers near his house in Texas, this Belgian wheat beer has a very unique addition of sunflower seeds to the mix. It also carries the traditional orange peel and coriander seed, without being too overpowering. Light and refreshing, brewed to be drunk at a baseball game, but a cricket test will do just as well.


Food Pairings – Amazing by itself after mowing the lawn or playing cricket, also goes great with white meats like fish and chicken.

Phoenix D Kottbusser

This beer is the merging of two incredible stories. In Kottbusse, Germany, the brewers had a long tradition of making beer with honey, oats, molasses, wheat, barley and hops. Many of these ingredients were made illegal by the Bavarian government with the legislation of the Reinheitsgebot purity law of 1516. This style was forgotten to time until a hand full of beer archaeologists resurrected it. It is still one of the rarest beer styles in the world, with very few commercial examples. 

The origin of it's name (Phoenix D) may not at first appear to be a tree, but the Judean Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) is the oldest resurrected seed in history. In 2005 a 2000 year old seed, from the tomb of Herod the great, was planted and sprouted! It is still today the only living example of the Judean Date Palm Tree.

Food Pairings - This beer is incredible, pair it with schnitzel, bratwurst or pretzels - and it's a great introduction to craft beer.

Palm Pale

A true Australian hero. A bit larger than your average run of the mill pale ale, full of flavour and depth, With nothing but Australian hops, this beer has a lot of passionfruit in the nose, but very well balanced. A beer our Island nation can truly be proud of.


Food pairing - best enjoyed while shearing sheep in thongs, whistling Waltzing Matilda and cooking some snags on the barbie. Fair dinkum mate!

Prickly Pear Sour


You might say, “That’s not beer!” But oh yes it is! The Berliner Weisse dates back to the 16th century and was once the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin. In 1809 Napolean’s troops even dubbed it “the champagne of the North” This particular Sour is brewed with 100kg of fresh picked Prickly Pear from a local prick farm just in Camden, Leppington Valley Farm! If you’re ever up that way, you should swing by and say hello. They’re open to the public and have a wide variety of produce grown on their family farm


Food Pairing – Rocket salad, or grilled salmon

Ebony Porter

A classic English Porter, it’s near black with mahogany hue. This beer is a straight shooter! Don’t let it’s colour intimidate you, it’s actually quite sessionable and dry, designed to leave you wanting more.


Food Pairing - A beef pie or bangers and mash



Aspen IPA

This is a strong, dry, classic American Pale Ale filled to the brim with pine and grapefruit bitterness. Brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops, it’s beers and styles like this one that kick started the Independent beer movement. It’s rich, bitter, dry and beautiful. Enjoy!


Food Pairing - Fried Chicken and cheeseburgers

Maple Pecan Nut Brown

Don’t like beer? How about maple syrup? Or pecan pies from the Gumnut Patisserie? Both of which are making a star appearance in this beer in their own unique way. Beginning with a fragrant bouquet of maple syrup, and finishing with a roasty pecan dryness, this beer is definitely worth a try!


Food pairing - Pancakes… because, maple syrup

Argania Bock

A classic German Lager, but not the kind you're probably used to seeing. Bock's are rich in colour and in depth. You can expect a dominant malt richness and complexity, all housed within the clean lager framework due to it's extended cellaring stage. Following the tradition of naming our beers after trees, the Argania was a clear and easy choice, being that "Bock" derives it's name from the German word for "Goat". Prost!


Food Pairing – Mature cheese, stewed fruit or roasted meats

Balsa Lager

This is a beer in it’s simplest form. Brewed with NSW grown Voyager Schooner Malt, German grown Saaz hops, Wingecarribee water and lager yeast. Nothing else. It’s a great beer to start honing your senses to one ingredient. Made to be very light weight and super pale, then kept cold for a long time allowing the beer to clear and mature. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity.  Enjoy!


Food parings - Pretzels, schnitzels and raclette

Brekky Juice Wit

It’s never too late for breakfast or too early for beer! Say good morning to our Brekky Wit, made with loads of orange, pineapple, passionfruit and mango. It’s tart, fruity and refreshing!


Food Pairing - A bowl of weet-bix or a mountain of bacon.